Micronauts update!

In episode 2, we covered the Micronauts, and as fate would have it (like Stretch Armstrong) the property is undergoing a bit of a resurgence. Did we have our finger on the pulse of the future or what? Anyway, here's the breakdown of goings-on in the Microverse: In 2016, Hasbro released a San Diego Comicon... Continue Reading →

Stretch update!

Since our Stretch Armstrong episode was released, there's been a true stretch renaissance! Here's what's been going on within the Stretch World: First, Target stores released a new version of the classic Stretch, which is now also available online via other stores including Amazon. The line has expanded as well to include a "World's Smallest"... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: The Micronauts

We’re back–and still stuck somewhere in time at a department store. It still appears to be the mid to late 70s, but the years are always a little fluid. We don’t mind so much, however, since there are so many cool toys to check out in this toy store beyond time. In this episode, we’re... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: The Adventure People

Welcome to the first episode of the Toy Department! Your intrepid hosts Rob, Andrew and Dave will be here to guide you through a (hopefully) monthly tour of toy aisles past. You may remember us from the Flag Points podcast–that’s sort of how we came to be here. Just after we finished recording the final... Continue Reading →

Animated Debut Boba Fett (2007)

We're back from a long hiatus, and I've wanted to expand things past the podcast. Though we've yet to cover Star Wars on the show, a child of the 80s can't escape talking about a galaxy far, far away for too long. And with being in the thick of the holiday season, what better figure... Continue Reading →

We’re back online!

Hey all, I finally got my act together and started the process of restoring the site, along with a new look. All the current episodes (all three of them--hah!) are again active. Still working on restoring the associated blog posts. I've got some plans to expand things in the near future. In the meantime, why... Continue Reading →

Stretch Armstrong coloring book

On our last episode, Dave asked if the Stretch Armstrong coloring book was real. It’s real, and even if it wasn’t, I would certainly pretend it was. You couldn’t make up something like this. Enjoy.

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