Connections: Adventure People

One of the modern toy lines we failed to mention in our Connections segment are the various releases via a company called Tree House Kids. There are a variety of lines from this manufacturer focusing on hunting, fishing and general adventures in the great outdoors. The Imagination Adventure Series in particular has a nice Adventure... Continue Reading →

Adventure People inspired art

Pop culture toy fandoms in the modern age always seem to give those with a creative bent an outlet to pursue their own expressions of favorite properties. Often, it takes the form of custom action figures, but traditional art is also produced. Yes, even the Adventure People toys have inspired fans and artists to produce... Continue Reading →

Star Wars mock-ups

In our first episode, we mentioned an article from the wonderful Star Wars Collectors Archive that featured a shot of some early Star Wars action figure mock-ups made using Fisher-Price Adventure People figures. Here are the images we mentioned, via For the entire fascinating story on these figures, check out the SWCA’s article on... Continue Reading →

Opticon packaged

Our powerful spies have finally unearthed a packaged photo of the lovely and talented Opticon. His card art finally gives us a glimpse of what his purpose is within the Adventure People’s space adventures. He’s apparently good for pushing buttons, and sliding levers. That’s about what I expected. The jury is still out on the... Continue Reading →

Adventure People on land, sea and air

This ad from a 1970s issue of Woman’s Day is indicative of the way this line was marketed to parents. It’s a stark contrast to what we traditionally see in toy ads and commercials, with elaborate dioramas and children setting up their own makeshift landscapes of bedspread mountains and Dixie Cup walls. An infinite white... Continue Reading →

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