About us

Well, it all started out with three GI Joe podcasters and a photo of Crystal Ball’s lenticular hypno-shield. Before we knew it, time and space were warped and we got zapped into a department store beyond time and space. The best we can tell, it’s the mid to late 70s, though things ssem to be quite fluid in terms of what this store stocks. Of course, we’re hanging out in the toy section until we can find a way home. We’re reliving the past in each episode.

Rob, Dave, Andrew and Page are toy collectors–grown people who haven’t grown up. What fascinates us about playthings, and causes us to pursue them, learn about their creation, and spend hours upon hours discussing them? That’s difficult to say in just a few short lines. Hopefully, as you listen to our show, you’ll discover what makes us tick as collectors, fans and students of the playthings of the past. Lest we sound too snooty about it, know that we’ll always endeavor to keep things light, fun and drama free. And maybe someday we’ll find our way back to the present. In the meantime, hang out with us a bit–we’re sure you’ll have a good time.

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