Episode 3: Stretch Armstrong and Friends

It’s been a while, but we’re finally back! We continue to be amazed at the variety of toys that we’re seeing in this department store beyond time. Being stuck here before the internet age, our bandwidth is severely limited and we’re forced to upload our shows at 300 bits per second. Have no fear, we’re still around, and looking into ways to get things moving at a faster pace.

In this episode, we discuss stretch toys of the 70s, from Armstrong to X-Ray and other tactile wonders of the decade. We also cover the stretch resurgence the 90s. Page joins us (in person!) to chat about the stretch market. By the way, be prepared to spend serious dollars if you want to get into the stretch game in 2015, and a word of advice–don’t do any vintage stretchin’! Latex and corn syrup only last so long.

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