Air Strike Spider-Man (2000)

I am always amazed at what turns up when I search internationally for my favorite toy lines. Not long ago, this involved contacting folks around the globe or traveling and perusing toy shops. Thanks to the internet and international eBay, we all have a shot at finding items that our home countries didn't offer. I... Continue Reading →

G.W. Bridge (1992)

The initial series of X-Force figures was a case of characters being ripped off the comic page, whether long-standing or newly introduced. G.W. Bridge was the latter, first introduced in X-Force issue 1, released in the summer of 1991. Oh, what a time to be alive! That was the summer I graduated high school. Damn... Continue Reading →

Deathlok (1992)

By the third series of the Marvel Super Heroes line, Toy Biz had begun to branch out into what would seem now to be a true obscurity. However in 1992, Deathlok had starred in his own limited series as well as an ongoing monthly. I'm guessing Toy Biz chose him not only due to recent... Continue Reading →

Shatterstar III (1996)

Repaints! I love 'em. From Star Wars to GI Joe, I've always collected the redecorated versions of each line. I don't see them as a waste, in fact I really like the variation that some molds can produce. Toy Biz was unafraid to repaint characters during the 90s, although they usually focused on the big... Continue Reading →

Iron Man (1990)

My toy collecting history runs in distinct phases, and I find it interesting that as I get older, I tend to revisit them all. Some have never faded completely, like Star Wars and GI Joe. Others have come and gone in waves of interest, sometimes returning like the tides over years. For instance, I've collected,... Continue Reading →

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