Morph (1994)

Morph would seem to be, at least on the surface, an annoying throwaway character. If you just take the X-Men cartoon’s first two episdoes, he is grating and bites the dust before the two-parter ends. However the writers brought him back later in the serues , and his story ultimately made for some pretty good animated TV. I always found the evil Morph to be more than a little creepy for a kids cartoon.

As a toy, the figure is pretty great. First off, you get an original character that’s been pulled right from the animated series, something that the line didn’t do too often. Sure, he’s no Harley Quinn, but Morph became a worthy cartoon X-Men by series end.

Interchangeable heads not only gave kids the ability to disguise Morph as other team members, but the body was generic enough that he could stand in as an alternate uniform version for Cyclops and Wolverine. This was of particular interest to me, as I was customizing at the time, and was also a fan of the Jim Lee era base X-uniform.

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  1. This was a coveted figure for me as a kid, but I never had him until I was an adult. I actually loved Morph in Night of the Sentinels (which I watched over and over, since I had the Pizza Hut VHS tape) and was very sad when he died. Him coming back evil was almost too much for me to handle at the time! As an adult, though, I love his whole character arc. I’m also very glad I finally have this figure… he did need his gas gun, though.

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